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Why Is The Water In My House Not Getting Hot?

hot water

Hot water in our home is something we tend to take for granted. But when you find that the water in your house isn’t getting hot, you begin to wonder whether it’s time to replace your hot water system. Before you jump to this conclusion, there are some necessary checks you should be doing.

Reasons for No Hot Water

Here we take a look at some common reasons why you may not have hot water in your house:

  • The Pilot Light- This is one of the most straightforward hot water problem fixes. Check the water heater to ensure the pilot light is on (the location of the pilot light will be mentioned on your owner’s manual). If the pilot light is not on, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to re-light it.
  • Leak In The Gas Hot Water Heaters- If you are using a gas hot water heater, a leakage in the gas line may be the culprit. Check whether there is a distinct rotten egg smell in the area around the water heater. It’s crucial to understand that this can be a hazardous situation, and you need to call in a licensed gas plumbing professional without delay.
  • Old Heating Element- If you do not have sufficient hot water, or only warm water is coming from the unit, you may need to replace the heating element.
  • Sediment Build-up- Over time, various contaminants in the water can build-up at the bottom of this water heater. This reduces its ability to produce sufficient hot water. You can tackle this issue by cleaning the system regularly. Consider using a water softening agent if you have hard water. You can also reduce the water heater’s temperature to 130 degrees.
  • Rusting Tank- If you have noticed reddish-brown water coming from the unit, it means the tank is rusty. In this case, you’d have to replace your water heater.
  • Thermostat Problems– If you do not have sufficient hot water, check the thermostat. Make sure it’s set to the right temperature. If it is, but you still don’t have hot water, you would need to replace that component of the system.

Regular Water Heater Maintenance Is Essential

Making sure that your water heater operates as it should and meets your family’s hot water needs is to get it serviced with regularity. Licensed plumbers like the ones at our company can handle the regular maintenance of these systems at specific intervals. However, if you notice any issues with the unit, never delay in calling us.

Timely fixes by experts like us help ensure that the problem does not escalate and that you do not have to spend large amounts of money on complicated repairs down the track.  For any more information call Hero Plumbing at this number- 1300 437 688. We are available 24/7 and offer affordable plumbing services. You can also book online by clicking here, or request a free quote through this form and we will revert shortly.

How To Fix My Hot Water Heater?

water heater

Only when you discover that you have no hot water, or that the hot water is insufficient, do you pay attention to your water heater. Many homeowners neglect to get these issues checked on time, and that can be folly. Deferring any plumbing issues, including hot water system repairs, can also result in more complications and expensive repairs down the track.

The best way to make sure that the problem doesn’t get out of control is to contact licensed gas fitters to come and inspect the system. While it’s best to leave this job to experienced professionals, there are some necessary troubleshooting steps you can follow to address your water heater problems. Here we take a look at what they are and how you can tackle them.

Common Water Heater Problems

  • Thermostat Setting- This is quite a common problem that seems like a major one but is easy to fix. If you find that the water in your home isn’t sufficiently hot, check the temperature setting on the thermostat. If it is too low, increase the setting so that you have sufficient hot water.
  • Leaking Tank-This problem may mean you’d have to replace the entire tank. However, if the leakage stems from a valve/pipe connected to the system, the repair will be more straightforward.
  • Sedimentation – This issue is generally accompanied by knocking or pinging sounds. The sedimentation build-up that forms at the hot water system’s tank base absorbs large amounts of heat from the water. This stresses its heating element, reducing its effectiveness & shortening its lifespan.
  • Faulty Heating System- In case you’ve have neglected standard maintenance, or if your water heater is more than 10 years old, the thermal switch, heating element, or thermostat may fail, and only cold water will come out of showers & taps in your home.

Diagnosing and fixing all these problems isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. While you can do some basic troubleshooting and visual inspection, all repairs are best left to professional plumbers.

Water Heater Maintenance

Keeping your hot water system in good condition is about making sure that it’s maintained well. Here are some tips to follow:

Before starting, make sure you turn off the system’s power. In case of a gas water heater, turn off its gas supply before going through these steps:

  • First do a mini flush of the system as it will remove the sedimentation from the tank.
  • Test the unit’s temperature & pressure (T&P) valve. Make sure there aren’t any signs of leaks and that it’s working correctly.
  • Check the tank for signs of rusting and call in the experts if you notice any leaks.

On-time repairs and maintenance help maintain the overall condition of the system and increase its lifespan as well. For any more information call Hero Plumbing at this number- 1300 437 688. We are available 24/7 and offer affordable plumbing services. You can also book online by clicking here, or request a free quote through this form and we will revert shortly.

How To Stop Leaking Pipe Under A Sink

leaking pipe

Leaking pipes under your sink can cause a great deal of damage, but they are normally very easy to determine and fix. The water that is destroying the cabinet or the flooring might be emerging from the drainpipes, the source hoses or perhaps even the tap itself. The supply is normally obvious as soon as you decide to crawl below the sink with a torch. The repair frequently comprises of basically tightening up a connection, nevertheless it can simply as often be more complex.

Evaluating the Problem

Your first indicator of leakage is frequently a water-soaked floor or cabinet, or it might be a pond of standing water. If perhaps the leak is approaching from a pressurised water hose, the spray will likely be instantly obvious. When the leakage is coming from a drainage line, nevertheless, you may not discover it up until you make use of the sink. Furthermore, if the issue is a defective seal over the sink drainage, you might have to fill the basin and let the water stand prior to the leak becoming noticeable. In many instances, but not all of them, the leakage is only on top of the moisture or standing water.

Repairing  Water-Supply Leaks

Water found in the tap supply hoses is below pressure, hence it is likely to spray or earnestly leak from loose connections or faulty pipes. A typical origin of drips is shut off valves with pressure fittings that are not as tight as they ought to be. The most ideal way to stiffen them is to keep the valve using one wrench whilst you flip the compression nut with another wrench. However, for more effective tighten-ups, make use of adjustable or locking pliers instead of wrenches 

Mending Drain Leaks

Any leakages from a “P-trap” sure can be the consequences of hollow connections, an obstruction within the drain pipes or, in the instance of a metal trap, deterioration. When the trap leaks once you have secured all the compressing nuts, it is advisable to get rid of it and provide it with effective cleaning. At the exact same time, clean the drain line using an auger in the event that you presume there is a blockage. You can typically tighten up compressing nuts on plastic P-traps manually, however for metal traps, you would also require pliers 

Fixing Other Leaks

In case you cannot identify the origin of the leak, it is fair to assume the sink drain, which merely leaks whenever the sink is loaded of water, or the tap. If it is the sink drain that is dripping, having it unscrewed and repacked using plumber’s putty will normally mend the issue. Even though you normally discover tap leaks on top the sink, occasionally water can stream down the back of the tap and leak underneath the sink without being noticeable. The process for repairing a leaking tap is dependent on the sort of tap you have. It normally requires disassembly and substitution of gaskets or washers.

Get a hold of a plumber like Hero Plumbing that has an effective solution to resolve your under-sink leaks issues. The plumbing pipes are vulnerable. They cannot be relied on indefinitely, because a burst can occur at any time. If you face this situation, you do not need to panic. It is true that leaking pipes can cause considerable damage to your home such as general flooding, damage to your appliances and electrical installations, water infiltration to the flooring and etc. Give us a call on 1300 437 688 or book our service online to save 50% off your service!

Emergency Tips: How To Stop A Burst Pipe

burst pipe

When you are dealing with a burst pipe in your place, the number one thing you are required to do is to completely stop the water. The easiest and quickest way to manage this is to switch your water off in the mains. As soon as you have switched the water off it is super important to always check there are zero electrical items close or near to the water that can bring in potential damage. When in doubt, it is always much safer to switch your electricity off as well.

The second thing to do is to switch on a faucet that is linked to the pipeline. This can alleviate any remaining pressure level that has been accumulated in the pipes. Now that you have switched the water off you have some time to spare to think and examine what is actually going on with the pipes in your dwelling. There are a couple of different areas where you could discover burst pipes in your home.

Burst Pipe Outside: 

Normally when a pipe has ruptured or burst outside the house you will come across a wet spot, pool or truly green grass around the region where water is coming out. Regularly (however not very frequently) you may possibly notice a fountain of water getting up out of the ground. A fountain of water, though it sounds like something that is really bad, can, in fact, be a great thing because it will help you to identify the precise position of the split within the pipe. A pool of water indicates that you are likely to have to go searching for the break or crack.

If you are planning to dig around the pipeline, it is a great idea to go slowly. The last step you want to do is place your Maddock or shovel throughout the pipe and cause even further damage. You should dig down a little up until you discover the pipe, then thoroughly dig apart the dirt alongside the pipe right until you locate the crack, hole or damage. As soon as you have located it you will require to dig underneath the pipe a little to gain much easier access to it. 

Burst Pipe Inside: 

This may be a bit more difficult since there is a wide range of factors pipes ruptured or burst in the inside of your house. Corner components may burst, copper piping could rust or corrode and occasionally if a plumber makes use of some cheap imported plumbing materials, they can simply break.

The kind of pipe that blasts will additionally tell you how complicated it may be to mend. For instance when a mains pipe bursts, this will be essential to need slightly more care to mend, as it works at an increasing pressure level and leads water to several other pipes within your home as opposed to, let’s say,  a solitary pipe flowing into the faucets in your vanity. Based on the kind of piping it is, will decide the materials that will be necessary for you to try and prepare an attempt at repairing it. 

Should you be uncertain in attempting to mend a burst pipe, you are strongly advised to get a hold of trained and equipped plumbers with the knowledge and all the tools to fix it quickly and efficiently–like Hero Plumbing.  Call us on this number, 1300 437 688 and we will come out and fix up your burst pipe for you. Discover your hero today to deal with any plumbing issue you are currently facing!

Steps Involved in Unblocking A Drain

unblocking drains

In terms of plumbing issues, blocked drains are certainly right up there as amongst the most inconvenient situations you can come home to and that is even before you think about exactly how to clear it (which is a frustration in itself).  The following are a few steps you can carry out to unblock your drain. However, keep in mind that you should be careful–you are recommended to call a plumber nearby that will assist further 

Step #1 — If it is only fat or soap that has slow or stopped up your drain, you have to consider to start by attempting to unblock it using boiling hot water (although be careful not to have yourself burned or the sink seal melted!). In case this is failed, with the help natural enzymes could then be a great next step, hence in the following order attempt putting half-cup sodium, half cup bicarb, one cup of vinegar and one cup boiling water down the drain, and then one after the other. This technique is completely safe for you, the seal, water pipes, and the surroundings and is able to be carried out as frequently as required. Although, it will have minimal impact on serious clogs. 

Step #2 — You cannot skip the utilization of the great old fashion plunger to pressure the blockage from the plumbing pipeline. It is the pressure of the force that pushes air thru the pipe to remove the blockage. Prior to plunging, you should address the overflow with a humid cloth to make sure a drain seal as well as push the air out all the way the drain obstruction. In case you have a dual kitchen seal make certain you obstruct the second drain to make sure great pressure. 

Step #3  — You can employ a Drain Auger (also known as Plumber’s Electric or Snake Eel) from many hire locations, however, be concerned that these call for a little bit of skill and can be rather damaging if not utilized correctly. These will clean simply about whatsoever, such as tree roots.

Step #4 – Hydrochloric compound or acidic Soda are typically made use of and are sold at nearly all hardware shops. You basically dump the substance down the impacted drain, allow for twenty to thirty minutes (as per directions), and next add some cold water afterwards. You are not advised to pour hot water down right away immediately after the chemicals as it might spray back up. Comply instructions cautiously, and constantly put on gloves as well as a mask

Step #5 — You can see whether the blockage is not within the U-bend of the sink. Frequently, blockages caused by food build-up do not go further than the drain directly under the sink. Therefore, you can place a bucket beneath the drain to hold any waste or water. After that, unscrew the two connections and have the U-shaped pipe unblocked. The last step is to provide it a quick clean 

Step #6 —  The final step may be the easiest and most effective way to unblock your drain. Get a hold of a plumber like Hero Plumbing that has an effective solution to resolve your blocked drain issues. Our drain cleaning services are able to remove these pesky blockages quickly and without damaging any components. As opposed to chemical methods that carry the risk of corroding your pipes, we have tools that can provide better results while being 100% safe. It is highly recommended that as a homeowner, you should get your drains cleaned at least once per year to keep everything running smoothly. Give us a call on 1300 437 688 or book our service online to save 50% off your service! 

How To Know When My Drain Is Blocked?

blocked drain

A blocked or nonfunctional sewage drain is a significant health problem, as well as a disgusting idea. The apparent symptoms of a problem are poor smells, a bubbly or clogged toilet, and wastewater seen in basins, showers, or baths. Each of these is adequate to notify everyone in the household not to use any plumbing accessories and to call in a certified professional plumber to see to the issue as soon as possible.

Things to Look Out for Within Your Plumbing System

More simple symptoms can go overlooked, with devastating consequences, so it is a good idea to keep an eye out for these common signs the sewage is clogged and question fellow neighbours to do the same.

Blocked toilet problems

Preliminary symptoms are most typical in the toilet, having seen as that is the most significant and primary drain to the sewage. Adjustments in the water level, sluggish drainage following flushing, uncomfortable smells coming from any of your drains, gullies not flowing off as they usually do, and backing up, are not essential emergencies however could be a signal of issues to come.

Moreover, you should look out for water level as well as abnormally noisy gurgling of the tub and basin drains when the washing machine is turned on. It might be an issue with your washing machine drainage as well as not of obstructed sewage lines, nevertheless, it pays to be careful. When the toilet is not draining correctly, turn on the taps in the sink closest to the toilet to check if the water level increases or bubbles show up. In case this happens it is a basic indicator that the obstruction is not the toilet, but further down in the pipelines. When the problem is further down the pipe system, your plumbing technician will find the site and determine the cause.

Drains’ Root Intrusions

A typical issue is tree root intrusion. Roots are interested in pipes mainly because of the moisture from moisture build-up or condensation, and if a pipe grows the slightest crack they will develop into it and ultimately trigger a blockage. They can also penetrate septic tank systems, particularly the older cement variations so that it’s wise to find out where your utilities are set before having your garden landscaped

Drain Pressure Losses

Plumbing systems run simply because of gravity and force. Water commonly takes the simplest route downwards, and with the usage of air-traps, ports;  as well as seals, should never have waste-water or even gases coming back up into the house. When there is a significant loss of pressure, for instance, a water main blasts, it is feasible for a syphon impact to be generated bringing the wastewater up in the wrong way. For these circumstances, it is useful to know where your property’s primary drain cleanout is. This will usually be a round plastic pipeline end cover in your back or front yard. If you cannot locate it, get a hold of the home’s previous owner or perhaps the local town planner, it makes your plumber’s job a lot faster and simpler in the event of plumbing issues.

Get Hold of Blocked Drain Professionals for the Most Reliable Assistance

All the above are only some of the indicators of plumbing problems that will definitely need professional help from a licensed plumbing team like Hero Plumbing. Avoid any injuries or more money spent by going straight to a trained plumber than choosing to do DIY repairs. For any of your plumbing needs, get in touch with us. A minor plumbing problem amended at its earliest chance may well save a larger and more expensive repair job, later on, so be careful of the indications. 

Emergency Plumbing Problems You Should Never Solve Yourself

emergency plumbing

The fact that everyone can find endless Do-It-Yourself articles on the internet, the projects itself become the basis for a lot of homeowners. But there is one area that you are highly not recommended to attempt any repairs by yourself: plumbing. You should do yourself a favour and get a hold of a professional plumber right away. The professionals will know precisely what to do since it is their area of expertise. The following are emergency plumbing problems that you would be better to skip the DIY and go straight to calling a real plumbing team: 

Drainage problems — The majority of households owns a plunger in the toilet or laundry to cope with clogged drains. Nevertheless, if the plunger is not rectifying the problem, this can suggest that the problem is actually even further down within the plumbing system.  Several other problems that will also suggest the requirement for a plumber include: 

  • Bathtub, sink or other fixtures do not drain as usual.
  • There’s an increased water level or bubbling water in the toilet when your tap is on 
  • There’s water coming out of your sink or bathtub when the toilet is flushed 
  • Multiple sinks drain slower than usual.
  • The sewage smells bad

A damp garden or lawn — A lawn or a yard can be damp following a rain, which is normal. normal. Nevertheless, if there is an area in your lawn that has not been drying out, then you may possibly have a plumbing issue on your hands. This will probably be because of a damaged pipe, and you must not even make an effort to correct it particularly when it entails below ground pipelines. 

Damp areas under your house — Burst pipes are not merely discovered outside or in your yard, however, they may even be underneath your floor surfaces. Do not forget about the fact that water pipes are also situated underneath your house and pipe bursts can take place anyplace. When the water pipes underneath your floors have any burst, subsequently this can come to be an internal problem as well. In case you notice that your floors have abruptly become damp, it is possible that you have a damaged pipe. Consider searching for damp areas below your sink, as well, to make certain that there is not leaking pipe there

Low water flow rate — Low water pressure is most frequently due to sediment build-up within your water system.  An instant solution is to eliminate and then wash your aerator. Nevertheless, if this fix will not enhance the water flow, then it is not about the aerator. The low water movement can be as a result of a broken or a fractured pipe. The matter can become worse when the broken pipe is not apparent. This is given that it may possibly damage your house’ foundation

Leaking faucets — Occasionally, a leaking tap can be a small issue. In case there are multiple leaking faucets, still, you could be coping with an even more severe issue. Several leaky faucets can be as a result of a water pressure situation. Get a hold of the reliable plumbing professional of your choice to determine the origin of the problem and have it repaired straight away.

All the above are only some of the plumbing problems that will definitely need professional help from a licensed plumbing team like Hero Plumbing. Avoid any injuries or more money spent by going straight to a trained plumber than choosing to do DIY repairs. For any of your plumbing needs, get in touch with us. 

The Causes of Blocked Drains

blocked drains

Blocked drains are frequent for property owners. Aside from all the time and effort, you do in order to cleanse drains, it still gets built up with a few of the other kind of dirt. A lot of people believe it is difficult to resolve this issue, particularly, once the water overflows and floods the area. The typical issue behind water overflowing is as a result of the pipeline or drain blocking. Thankfully, you can definitely avoid them by searching for the significant reasons behind the blockage. The following are the most common causes behind drain blockages:

Storms — With ease, storms, as well as rainfall, can impact the pipeline, as soon as the vital pipe leaks. As a result of the construction, each establishment attaches to the primary pipeline, that makes it at risk of overflowing because of the leakage. When it is not taken good care at the proper time, your drain could become struggling to maintain great water volumes. Storm and downpours can deliver leaves and dirt, leading to mainline obstruction.

Broken Pipes — In case the water is unable to flow correctly, it can be as a result of the damaged pipe. An additional reason why pipe crumbles is once it cannot deal with the pressure level of water. Mishaps such as gaps, fractures and cracks can result in overflowing. For this reason, other particles such as dirt, mud, dust, and so forth go into the pipe, which contributes to a drain blockage. 

Food — Whenever doing the dishes, food particles go into the pipeline. These types of particles go down and obstruct the pipe since they get built up within it. They grow to be difficult to be eliminated by water and result in blockage.

Hair —  In case there is too much hair build-up, then water is unable to pass through, Do-it-yourself remedies cannot make it possible to get rid of this because they are not powerful enough. Hair can additionally provide the area with a terrible odour. Only a specialist can clean this effortlessly and promptly.

Foreign Objects — diapers and tissue are at risk of blocking in the bathroom. Small children flush down the paper, toys, and some other stuff that result in blockage. Always monitor your toilet and your little one’s activities to avoid such kind of blockage. An obstructed toilet can pass around diseases, hence fix the problem immediately after it arises

Temporary Solution to Drain Cleaning

There are a few Do It Yourself techniques that you can attempt to pull off when dealing with blocked drain issue. First, you can take advantage of boiling water. To completely clean the drains, pour a boiling water oil down into the basin. In case the blockage issue occurs again, put more boiling water. This will combat the gooey and sticky food particles. Bear in mind, this is only a short-term remedy and it is better to seek advice from an expert cleaner for ideal cleaning. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult to completely clean the blockage problems on your own. Do not make an effort to mend the problems if you are not sure that you can handle them completely.  The only professional plumber that can clear various types of blockage issues.

When you are experiencing a blocked drains, call the company that has been providing effective plumbing solutions for many years, that is Hero Plumbing. Our team of experts can safely unblock your drains and make sure it is properly operating afterwards. We offer the best plumbing services with highly experienced team of professionals, 24/7 emergency services, on time, and affordable price. Contact us for any inquiries.

The Dangers of Unblocking A Drain Yourself

blocked drains

Having blocked drains is such a pain, heavily affected drains is a disaster at worst. Drain blockage can shift to a very expensive water bill. To fix that, some people find some tips about “Do It Yourself” ways to fix the blocked drain and are convinced it would be successful by doing it themselves. Have you ever considered unblocking a drain yourself without having to call in a professional plumber? You may think that it can be such an easy fix, but the truth is.. You are wrong. Doing it yourself might look like an easier option than it really is considering you can get some tools or equipment to help you carry out the job. However, unblocking drains itself is considered potentially dangerous with horrible consequences it may cause, This is certainly risky business. Keep on reading to find out why “feeling convinced” that DIY drain-unblocking is not a good idea at all. 

Detecting water leaks or blocked drains may be easy sometimes. The other times, behind the simple problem, appear deeper trouble that is less obvious to be seen. What are the signs showing that you have a serious blocked drain? Basically the sink, bathroom, shower, or toilet show slowly draining and water simply pooling around the drain. Additionally, strange abnormal noises, like gurgling or bubbling, will be heard from the plug holes or toilets. Water resist to flow down the drain and continue rising from drains causing strong, constant foul-smelling odour. On the other hand, tub or basin drain slowly or is backed up which tells that the plug hole or the u-bend is trapped with a different kind of build-up debris. 

What not to do while doing DIY tips of unblocking a drain?

Any approach or procedure said to unclog is by using a plug or a u-bend trap that will pull the debris out. Flushing it down the toilet can just flush it further into the pipes and becomes really hard to fix or need more complicated ways to repair. There are some tools usually used for unclogging drains, but are actually believed it’s dangerous and can cause damage, for example:

  • Caustic chemical: using chemicals in fixing or repairing unblocked drains is damage to the pipes. 
  • Chemicals: using chemicals could be dangerous and it can damage the pipes if too many amounts poured down the drain and could possibly make the blockage harder to clear
  • DIY with plumbing package: using “eels” or “snakes” can damage pipes and cause pipes to break if not handled with extreme caution. 

Anything that can clear out stuff that goes down the drain can cause pipe corrosion, gouging or breakage which can potentially cause a bigger and deeper problem with more expensive cost needed than just blocked drains since you need to replace the whole system to a new one.  Using gloves and bucket is an older yet simple and effective method to remove debris from blocked drain or toilet rather than using those 3 ways mentioned. Taking care of your shower, bath, toilet, or sinks, like cleaning the trap or not putting anything down the toilet, is the best way to prevent blocked drains. Some pipe cleaning in some areas need to be done with a license, if you don’t have that, it is not worth taking the risk. 

When you are in need of a quality plumber service in Sydney to fix plumbing problems like blocked drains, better to call a professional. Hero Plumbing is ready to help! Offering the best plumbing services with highly experienced team of professionals, 24/7 emergency services, on time, and affordable price. Contact us for any inquiries.

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