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Hot Water Installations

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Hero Plumbing Hot Water Installation

The hot water boilers form the most important part of a heating system in homes, buildings and industries, working by applying heat in the water. The fuel used is natural gas, propane or electricity. Hot water boilers are available in small portable units and large units used to heat buildings and for industrial use. The types of industrial water boilers are expensive to install, but the advantages of these equipment are that they last longer and give less problems than other types of heating systems. For all your hot water installation Hero Plumbing is offering its services. Under our roof, we have plumbers who are fully qualified, licensed and experienced.

Here is what a hot water system consists of

The components which makes a water boiler are thermostat to regulate the heat, the gas valve, pressure gauge for monitoring the pressure of the water, a water supply valve a pressure reducing valve, an air vent to remove air, an expansion tank to allow water to expand when heated, a flow control valve that regulates water flow, a pressure relief valve, a circulator (an electric pump that helps circulate water) and a drain valve. With many components comes potential faults that need to be repaired. For a proper functioning of your water heater, it needs to maintained and repaired continuously. Hero Plumbing have the expertise and knowledge to provide you these services.

The water boiler requires regular maintenance. If the equipment doesn’t function due to poor maintenance, this can cause fires or explosions. The cylinder should be drained and cleaned periodically because the pipes could become clogged with the accumulation of nitrate minerals in the water. The lubricating oil should be applied to the tubes to keep them well lubricated. Pipes should be periodically checked for leaks. The pressure gauge must be carefully monitored for any abnormality in pressure. In addition, the boiler should be periodically inspected and certified by an expert.

At Hero Plumbing, we go above and beyond for the convenience our clients. It is our transparent service and friendly and experienced plumbers that help us to create a comfortable and reassuring experience for all of our clients. That is what has made us a popular choice as plumber company in Sydney. Our client testimonials speak for itself and once you see our professionalism you won’t sign up for anything less!

Our local Plumbers are trained and equipped with the knowledge to handle any plumbing issue. They will find the problem and provide you with the best solution.


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We have pride in helping our local households find long term solutions rather than a quick fix.

Hero Plumbing is highly recommended as they go above and beyond to give their customers the best response times and service rates. Our plumbers are on call 24/7 for your emergency issue.
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Our Customers

Christopher Chow Parramatta

I called Hero Plumbing to unblock a shower drain and was unable to get a quote over the phone, but Sam the owner was here same day. After his first try, he made quick work of the blockage. I opted to also get the acid cleaner stuff poured down. Sam had run out, but made a trip to go pick some up to finish the job. If you opt for this treatment make sure you can easily air the bathroom as it’s extremely strong and produces a lot of fumes. Great Service and Honest Pricing.

Sarah Lincon Randwick

Hero Plumbing has been excellent since there first phone call.

I spoke to a gentlemen names Sam which he organised a technician to come and replace our hot water heater.

The technician was excellent called me 30mins before arrival explained the whole job to me and gave me an upfront price.

Excellent work Hero team.

We are a Hero member now and always look forward to working with them.

May Bernadine Hornsby

Hero Plumbing came promptly to fix a blocked pipe and did a great job. All debris was cleared and they even moved the bin to the kerb. The problem was fixed efficiently and thoroughly with a personal guarantee.

They have a very pleasant manner and will definitely be called again. Would happily recommend them to family and friends. Did a thorough job.

Dino Martin Rouse Hill

Outstanding customer service. Sam was friendly,helpful and Fred the plumber was a champion. He was here twice once to service the heater and a smelly drain. Excellent customer service and fixed both issues. Highly recommend Hero plumbing. 5 star company.

Beth Riley Liverpool

Outstanding service! Excellent communication.
Turned up on time and can’t fault the price.
Highly recommend these guys.
Thank you 😁

Gokhan Sarimsaklio Kingsgrove

I got so many quotes from so many plumbers and the best price that I received was from hero plumbing. There work was so neat and clean well spoken and mannered I was very impressed and I highly recommend this plumbing company
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